RvB |name = Ed Wellington (nickname Mr H)

|image = Has a normal yellow armor (Republik issue) because he wants to look like gold.

|character = He is a good guy that thinks that he's the best but is pretty useles. He uses only handguns and Alien swords. He thinks snipers are the weapons of cowards but is a genius with it. He can also be easily manipulated when someone feeds his ego. Oh and he has an average body.

|How he will act in the course of the series =comedic but grows over a LONG amount of time into someone competent but still has the same ego.

|In relationship to other characters : He makes them angry but tries to keep them in a good mood. But he can't read people well.

Backstory(you can skip it seriously) =He was a spoiled kid who was a horrible person (but had the same ego) but then the civil war happend, on Chorus, and his family hid but when they got news of the pirates he ran of to get revenge on those who destroyed his planet. He was immediatly given the equipment because he had and has an average body and they needed men. In the war he learned how the people sufferd, in that time his delusions changed from being a better human being to being their Hero and try's to help people while having the same amount of ego.

ANC - Annoying New CharacterBearbeiten

Ein Annoying New Character (auf Deutsch: "ärgerlicher neuer Charakter") ist eine Art von OC und meist auch eine Mary-Sue. Seinen Namen hat sich dieser Charakter dadurch verdient, dass er dem Leser auf die Nerven geht. Das könnte beispielsweise dann der Fall sein, wenn der OC eine besonders nervige Mary-Sue ist.